In the games and development division open exo game is the one that’s going to launch this quarter and depicts the outcomes of an Octalysis Brainstorm group who scanned the organization and built in game theory structure to increase engagement for the community. The Island 17 project is youth solving for global SDG’s. Intentionally is a game being built through our sister organization exponential individuals or EXI.

The team play challenges our current experimentation model to build teams so partners and any other sister communities that are interested in collaborating with exponential mindsets are playing this game to test out theories of strategic social games to build engagement. the birth mother to all of this is the 30 doubling challenge we did two years back-to-back and found that we over 10X engagement across a dozen metrics and found that gamification is a wonderful way to grow a community and make it cohesive attaching it to the exos utility token to provide the groundwork for building out a decentralized or distributed autonomous organization.

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