ExO Skeleton

With exoskeleton we set out to overcome paralysis by augmenting human performance in this way we plan to transform healthcare to a better future. we are not currently doing enough to enable personal autonomy and well-being for paralyzed people. it is possible to exponentially reduce public health spending and perpetuate the sick care crisis.  there are nearly 20 million people in the USA that need some kind of exoskeleton support to lead to a normal life.  in some cases, paraplegics spend 80% of their day doing care around their body and maintenance. we propose that we can engage enough support to get these exoskeletons two more paraplegics so that they can exercise their body, reduce the atrophy that destroys quality of life, and put their brains back to work where they could be

exoskeleton project: (https:// opencollective.com/human-mobility)

You’ve heard this before – the day before something is a breakthrough it is considered a crazy idea. And one person cannot change the world, but the world can change because of one person. 

This is where my story of Kieran Macleod begins – he is one person who has a crazy idea that can change the world. And, if you are passionate about ‘overcoming paralysis’,  augmented human performance’, or 

‘transforming health care to a better future, I really think you’ll love what Kieran has to say. 

  1. We are not currently doing enough to enable Personal Autonomy and well being for Paralyzed People
  2. It’s Possible to Exponentially Reduce Public Health Spending and Perpetuate the ’Sick Care’ Crisis

Kieran is now focused on saving money and raising personal capital to buy an exoskeleton that would  transform his daily personal life AND limit his dependence on the public health care system. 

Inspired by Kieran, then doing further research, I then learned that a cure for paralysis due to spinal cord injury is possible, but it will take time, resources, and a smart way of thinking.

We aim to overcome paralysis, save billions  and transform human mobility.

1. Augment human mobility

2. Reduce public spending

3. Enable personal autonomy & wellbeing

Intro Slides https://www.0s4.com/r/JND7BU

Video introduction https://youtu.be/XcEZ6naCNDE Meet Kieran.

Website https://economy.openexo.com/exo-skeleton/ (donations)

Alternate funding: Wheelchair company sale https://www.0s4.com/r/TYAJU1