Genesis NFT

Welcome to the ExO Angels NFT – Your Entry to the World of Web3

We are excited to offer you the opportunity to join our community of web3 pioneers and innovators through the purchase of an Exo Angels NFT for just $11.11 USD. Or pay with ETH (instructions)

Owning one of these exclusive NFTs grants you far more than just a profile picture or digital collectible. It serves as your access pass to tap into the knowledge, connections, and experiences to begin engaging with and understanding web3 environments.


  • NFT collection name: EXO Angels Genesis
  • Total NFTs: 1,111
  • Price per NFT: $11.11 USD
  • Added benefits for early buyers:
    • Access to our Web3 Masterclass, your deep dive into core concepts like cryptocurrency, NFTs, DAOs, and the metaverse
    • Option to join an ongoing web3 education through our weekly course with lectures led by industry experts
    • Entry to our community of web3 entrepreneurs, builders, and technology enthusiasts
    • Exclusive holder-only discounts on additional NFT projects, tools, services, and web3 products
    • Voting rights to guide the direction of the ExO Angels community
    • Collaborative creative projects combining our collective skills and passions
    • Early access and discounts to real-world web3 events and gatherings

Step into a groundbreaking ecosystem where value transcends liquidity. Explore a dynamic community exchanging advisor calls, consultant opportunities, roles, and innovation ideation. Here, utility fuels growth, and expertise sparks connections that redefine the concept of assets. 

Welcome to a realm where collaboration thrives and possibilities know no bounds. Forgive the lack of strategic direction for this investment, we have a plan in the works and you can be a part of this decision process in true DAO/holocratic/cooperative fashion.

ExO Angels Genesis NFT Holder Private Club Declaration