The Potential Of Blockchain Technology

Welcome to the NextGen Economy podcast, where we explore young, fresh ideas that have the potential to impact the next generation of our economy and with a focus on innovations that are tied to real-world issues.

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This episode is hosted by Stanton Wong and he his interviewing Julian Alvarez, CEO and Co-Founder of, , an education platform for personal growth and life skills that leverages Web3 technologies.

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0:00 Intro

3:58 What the Mindflow Experience is like

6:27 Gamification and Incentives

11:04 Pivoting towards Social and Personalization

15:20 The Purpose behind Mindflow

23:50 How Mindflow uses Web3

30:37 Web3: Trust and Transparency

32:10 The Business Model of Mindflow

37:16 Where is Web3 now and where is it going?

41:29 Outro


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