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Exponential Individuals (ExI) Project was inspired by the best-selling book Exponential Organizations and asked the question: What would an exponential individual look like? What will it take for a person to live an optimized, fulfilling life?

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Formed as a joint venture between OpenExO and BostonExO and co-led by Ann Boothello, Eric Patel and Kevin Allen, the ExI Project currently has 15 – 20 active core members from around the globe who consistently show up for our Friday virtual collaboration calls.

This article and podcast was created to celebrate the one year project anniversary, to inform you of project highlights, AND most importantly a call to action to for others to join the project to accelerate breakthroughs for individuals and contribute to “Making Human Optimization and Self-Awareness the Norm”.

01:15 – ExI Project Massively Transformative Purpose (MTP). And, why it is needed now more than ever!

08:20 – How did the ExI Project come to life? Initial conversation → seed funding from the OpenExO DAO → shared purpose-driven collaboration → sub-teams to write a Playbook, develop a Game, design a Sprint.

15:15 – ‘Lack of awareness of what’s possible’ is one of several barriers to self-awareness and human optimization being your norm

19:45 – Call to Action: How you can get involved in the ExI Project

Do you want every individual in the world to live an optimized, fulfilling life? Come join the Exponential Individuals (ExI) project!

ExI is seeking additional members to join our core team. Our current projects include:

The ExI Playbook: a hands-on guide for our intended audience to think abundantly and grow exponentially

Wanted: 1. Ghost writer(s). 2. Self-development influencers | contributors.

Website: the creation of our first full-feature website

Wanted: Design Agency mentor for our student designers

Gamification: a Choose Your Own Adventure game is the digital companion to the ExI Playbook and features an interactive coach who helps you learn how to coach yourself

Wanted: 1. Coders.  2. Beta participants. 3. Game Agency mentor for our                  student coders/designers

ExI Sprint: inspired by the ExO Sprint our sprint will help individuals to get into an exponential mindset and to start their journey of becoming an Exponential Individual

Wanted: 1. Sprint Coaches to help design, deliver and engage participants.                2. Beta participants

Participants are compensated in EXOS tokens for their participation during our weekly calls and their contributions to the projects they’re involved with.

To learn more about the EXOS token you can head over to economy.openexo.com. The EXOS token is the token of the ExO Economy. The team is driving the token towards public liquidity which is really exciting!


Visit our Website 2.0 – https://theexponentialindividual.com/

Watch our kickoff presentation (52:00)

Watch our 2021 recap presentation during the OpenExO 2022 Community Gathering (2:43 5:13)

Read our posts in the Exponential Individuals circle on the OpenExO platform


Join us – https://forms.gle/ajmJn8YeqDVJGbDcA

Email – exponentialindividuals@gmail.com

Twitter – https://twitter.com/expoindividuals

LinkedIn – https://www.linkedin.com/company/expo…

Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/exponential…

Audio podcast – https://economy.openexo.com/nextgen-e…
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