In the health division we have my body tune the US based company of a German developed carotid artery monitoring system. This device primarily checks for stroke and has other implications here in the states. The extended healthspan index is a data play that allows people to establish a baseline for their health and monitor successes and failures progress and setbacks so that they can predict and prevent disease from ever occurring or catching things in early stages, and the AI Wellness tool is an at-home telemedicine app that gives users a series of questions answers and suggestions from an AI model. The exo skeleton was a project that we started based on a couple of our members paraplegics now witnessing and recognizing that people in wheelchairs are not given access to enough services to keep their bodies fit from atrophy. We aim to enable them to get back to a sovereign life where they can put their minds back to work instead of caring for their body 80-90% of the day.

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