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“Exponential Organizations in Action: Community-Curated Case Studies Transforming An Abundant Future”

Birthed from the same decentralized community that catalyzed “Exponential Organizations: Version 2.0” by Salim Ismail, Peter Diamandis, and Michael S. Malone, this audacious book charts an evolutionary path towards post-industrial abundance. It harmonizes exponential thinking with syntropic design principles and the collaborative ethos of web3, guided by the visionary ideas of our very own futurists.

This comprehensive volume features real-world case studies curated directly from the global ExO community – a testament to the power of crowdsourced innovation. However, it takes this pioneering work a pivotal step further by spotlighting organizations driven by purpose beyond just profit.

Within these pages, change-makers, entrepreneurs, and innovators from all walks of life share their journeys in co-creating syntropic, exponential organizations. They showcase how leveraging exponential attributes like leveraged assets, staff on demand, and cultivating engaged communities can catalyze disruptive solutions that leave the world better than they found it.

From nurturing decentralized technologies to re-imagining value creation mechanisms, these narratives illuminate transformative business models that harmonize economic prosperity with environmental regeneration and social equity – embodying the essence of win-win-win scenarios.

“Exponential Organizations in Action” is a rallying cry to reimagine our systems through the lens of abundance. It challenges conventions, provokes new thinking about governance and incentive structures, and invites readers to embrace novel approaches that are restorative and cooperative by design.

Brimming with actionable insights and inspired by the collective wisdom of a thriving global community, this book is a catalyst for a renaissance of innovation – one that transcends extraction to achieve harmonious integration with nature’s inherent collaborative principles.

Join this movement of exponential pioneers to co-create the abundant future we know is possible. This is a future written by the community, for the community, and actualized through our shared commitment to realizing Buckminster Fuller’s vision of making the world work for 100% of humanity.

As an exponential entrepreneur, your real-world experience would provide tremendous value. That’s why we are inviting a limited number of co-authors to contribute chapters to this one-of-a-kind book (a companion piece inspired by ExO 2.0 and Exponential Transformation).

Ideal submissions will showcase how you apply exponential technologies and methodologies within your own business and client work. This includes discussing your Massive Transformative Purpose, business model, case studies and more.

Sponsors welcome: Only 4 of 10 author slots remain open for $500 USD each (or pay in crypto). Take advantage of this unique opportunity to publish your insights while supporting the next generation of world-changing entrepreneurs. Or, find a sponsor to cover your chapter fee!

Join us and be part of creating this important book documenting the exponential revolution! Let me know if you would like one of the remaining chapter spots.

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ExO Book Chapter Author – Sponsor Form:

Pre-sale coming soon, launch planned for Spring 2024.

Chapters: should be 2,000-4,000 word count and include MTP, Mission, Pros and cons of ExO methodologies and results that have meaning, ideally in a story format with stats in a side bar.

The segment that is the use case should be formatted with what applies: 

Location, Size, Revenue, Participants, About, 
Problem, Solution, 
ExO Attributes/Methodology, OKRs/KPIs, 
Execution, Lessons learned, Follow-up, 

As a co-author, you become part of this collective mission, while benefiting from:

  • Amplifying your thought leadership to a global audience
    • Leveraging the ExO 2.0 book, model, media & networks
    • Enhancing your authority and credibility
    • Expanding your network of like-minded exponential entrepreneurs
    • Increasing discoverability across promotional channels
    • Be featured in the media hub of a 33k ExO membership
    • Aligning your personal brand with our exponential future
    • Contributing your ideas to shape the conversation

Only 4 author spots remain open for this exclusive opportunity to publish your insights and empower the next generation of world-changing entrepreneurs. Managing expectations: A book is not a revenue-generating tool but a stimulating business card that opens doors with a strategic fedex package to your potential client (containing a signed copy), an impromptu gift to someone standing in line for an event or any other leveraged media prompt.