Community Pool

Welcome to our vibrant community marketplace, where innovation meets collaboration! πŸš€ We’re thrilled to introduce our inaugural project – a groundbreaking initiative to build a community marketplace. In this exciting venture, we’re launching a funding pool that brings together donors, potential investors and participants for a unique opportunity. Our first experiment centers around the dynamic Kougen-ji Temple Sprint, Phase II.

Kougen-ji Temple Embrace Inner Awakening & Global Connection

Here’s your chance to be part of something extraordinary! 🌟 Community members, sponsoring organizations, and individuals with a passion for progress can invest in the project by contributing EXOS tokens, Casper coins or many other forms of currency – be it fiat, cryptocurrency, or transferrable NFTs. This innovative approach to funding and managing projects opens up a world of possibilities, fostering collaboration and support for transformative endeavors.

Kougen-ji Vajraboost App for inner awakening

Join us on this journey where your contributions make a real impact, shaping the future of innovative projects and pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. Together, we’re building a community that values creativity, diversity, and the power of collective action. Get ready to be part of the ExO Angels experience – where ideas take flight, and dreams become reality! 🌈

ExO Angels community marketplace and fudning pool

Perks and Responsibilities for Three Categories of Giving:

  • Donations to Support:
    • Exclusive Insights: Gain access to behind-the-scenes updates and progress reports on the Kougen-ji Temple Sprint Phase II.
    • Recognition: Receive acknowledgment and gratitude within the community for your valuable contribution.
    • Impactful Change: Be part of a collective effort to drive positive change, supporting the project’s success.
    • Custom Badges: Earn unique digital badges highlighting your generosity and commitment to the community.
    • Donate to the phase II Kougen-ji Sprint for inner awakening for alternative ways to contribute (tokens, NFTs):
  • Investment Toward Decentralized Governance and Potential for Voting:
    • Voting Rights: Acquire the opportunity to participate in decentralized governance decisions related to this or other projects.
    • Financial Returns: Depending on the project’s success, investors at the private membership club level may receive returns on their contributions.
    • Exclusive Updates: Stay informed with regular updates on how your investments are fueling the project’s growth.
    • Priority Access: Enjoy priority access to future investment opportunities and community events.
  • Participation with Skills, Hours, and Creative Contributions:
    • Hands-On Experience: Contribute your skills and creativity to the Kougen-ji Temple Sprint, gaining real-world experience.
    • Collaborative Learning: Engage with a diverse community, learning from experts and like-minded individuals.
    • Credentialing: Earn experience credentials for your contributions, showcasing your skills and dedication.
    • Sprint Exposure: Stand a chance to participate in additional real-life sprints, gaining exposure and networking opportunities.
    • Varied Rewards: Receive unique rewards, such as badges, tokens, and other forms of recognition, based on the nature and impact of your contributions.

Embark on this journey with us, where your support, investment, or active participation fuels the success of the Kougen-ji Temple Sprint and sets the stage for future innovative endeavors!