Whenever we encounter someone who extends a helping hand and guides us through challenging times, we often refer to them as an “ANGEL.” This is precisely why ExO Angels was established: to provide support during tough times, assist in creating a sustainable business, explore unimagined alternatives, help you stand out in the business world, refine your pitch, strategize for better outcomes, connect you with investors for business growth, design exceptional business models, and, importantly, foster exponential growth.

ExOAngels is a repository of diverse talents, each member hailing from unique backgrounds and corners of the globe. We come together with a shared purpose: to empower individuals, businesses, and teams in harnessing their latent talents to construct a brighter world. We firmly believe that by enhancing individual potential, we can enhance the functionality of businesses, ultimately contributing to an improved quality of life on our planet.

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Founder Overview: Niki Faldemolaei is a visionary leader dedicated to pioneering innovative roles and paradigms that inspire regenerative and sustainable lifestyles. With a strong commitment to core values and a forward-thinking approach, Niki is shaping the future of industries and communities through strategic leadership and a passion for transformative change.

Mission Statement: Driven by the desire to create positive change on a global scale, we envision a world where technology, sustainability, and regenerative economic models converge to redefine how we live and interact with the planet. With a deep understanding of emerging trends and a dedication to the principles of Nature’s Laws (Bucky Fuller) and Doughnut Economics, we are on a mission to influence and pioneer innovative roles that lead to regenerative and thriving societies.