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Participatory budgeting is first a mindset shift – being open to seeing value & opportunities; balancing a commitment to ‘transformative’ methodologies and while not losing sight of what makes your organization successful; becoming ‘unfixed’ in traditional approaches.

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What if budgets were based on outcomes to be reached, as they were for the moon landing and in wars? What if the first question is not ‘Can we afford it?’ but ‘What do we really want to do? And how do we create the resources required to realize the mission?’ The idea may seem strange and new, but it’s not. To realize missions – massively transformative ones or smaller missions at a local level – we must be innovative. We must use collaborative, mission-oriented thinking while also bringing a stakeholder view into play. We must shift from ‘pyramid’ systems with ‘imposed’ budgets and decisions to ‘flatter’ systems with ‘community and crowd sourced’ + ‘engaged’ budgets and decisions.


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