An Intro To ExO Economy’s Academy 3.0

The prevalence of distance learning during the COVID-19 pandemic is helping drive staggering growth in the worldwide e-learning market. As of 2020, the e-learning market was at $250 billion, according to market research firm Global Market Insights, and the worldwide e-learning market is expected to surge at a compound annual growth rate of 21 percent through 2027, to hit $1 trillion. [Source:]

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OpenExO is a global network of entrepreneurs, coaches, consultants, and investors who are collectively “transforming the world for a better future”. They have their own ExO Economy and utility token, known as EXOS.  And now they are taking advantage of the rapid growth of the e-learning sector with the Academy 3.0, where decentralized learning is converging with decentralized finance.  

If you offer learning and training material related to exponential organizations, emerging technologies, decentralized finance or see the potential to offer a ‘micro-course’ to help others get acquainted with your services, this podcast is an introduction to see the Academy 3.0 in action, and an invitation to take the first steps to be an e-instructor on the platform.

Podcast Highlights

01:50 – Academy 3.0 Supports Community Members Expand Their Impact  

04:45 – Invitation to 1,000+ Instructors, Trainers & Micro-Content Creators 

07:43 – Academy 3.0 Business Model

10:20 – Getting Started in Creating Your First Course

Get Rewarded for Learning

Do you want to experience an Academy 3.0 course in action?

Do you want to learn about and earn utility tokens? 

You are invited to take the FREE Learn & Earn Course: A Beginner Guide to the ExO Economy, hosted by Ying Zhou. You’ll be introduced to:

* The ExO Economy

* Key concepts of cryptocurrency, blockchain, EXO tokens, EXOs blockchain

* Transactional tools including online an online wallet, utility of EXOS, sending/receiving tokens, how to get technical support

* 30-Doubling Challenge – after you take the course, take part in monthly mini challenges and get rewarded with additional tokens


Academy 3.0 –


Open ExO Community – Learn More 

Open ExO Community – Join Now

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